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The NATIONAL DEFENSE INSTITUTE (IDN) is part of the central services of the Portuguese State’s direct administration, with administrative, scientific and pedagogical autonomy. It is based in Lisbon, with a delegation in the city of Oporto.

IDN's mission is to support the formulation of the national strategic thinking, and to promote the study, research and dissemination of security and defense matters.
IDN has the following tasks:

  • Support the formulation and development of the national strategic thinking in the areas related to security and defense;
  • Encourage the development and discussion of other aspects linked to the national strategic thinking, in cooperation with public agencies and the private sector;
  • Promote the research, study and dissemination of security and defense matters;
  • Promote and strengthen civil-military relations and valorize the cadres of the Armed Forces, public administration, and of public, private and cooperative sectors, through the study, discussion and dissemination of major national and international matters affecting the areas of security and defense;
  • Contribute to the sensitization of society for security and defense matters, in particular with regard to the awareness for its inherent fundamental values;
  • Foster the research in the domains of international relations and of security and defense;
  • Cooperate with international counterpart agencies.

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