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Education Framework on Security, Defense and Peace
“Citizenship, Education and National Defense : A project by all to all”
13 april 2016

Starting with the signing of a protocol between the Education and Defence Ministers, back in 2012, the National Defence Institute (IDN) has spearheaded the efforts to make the implementation of the “Education Framework on Security, Defense and Peace” a reality.

Part of a wider “Education for Citizenship” domain for Preschool and Primary and Secondary School Curricula, the security and defence education, by its very nature, encapsulated significant convergence of objectives with an education for peace.

Therefore the thematic area of “Education for Security, Defence and Peace” aims to highlight the specific contribution of the organs and defense structures for the affirmation and preservation of civil rights and freedoms, the nature and purposes of its activity in peacetime, and also contribute to the defense of the national identity and to strengthen the historical matrix of Portugal, in particular as a way to raise awareness of the importance of cultural heritage as part of the universal tradition of interdependence, solidarity and peace among the peoples of the world.

It also emphasize the preventive and dissuasive dimension of modern and expanded security conceptions and required the creation of references and tools to help the teachers in charge of all these subjects.

According to the importance that the Ministry of Education recognizes this curriculum area, and in accordance with the principles that should govern “Education for Citizenship”, “education frameworks” have, from the beginning, been produced in collaboration with other public bodies and institutions and various civil society partners.

The IDN, in close collaboration with the Direção-Geral da Educação (DGE) of the Education Ministry, as hence, developed the “Education Framework on Security, Defense and Peace” (Referencial de Educação para a Segurança, a Defesa e a Paz). This education framework and other guiding documents constitute general guidelines on the multiple dimensions of citizenship on what Security, Defence and Peace are concerned.

It must be noticed that the intention is not that this document becomes a mandatory or prescriptive programs, but provides guidance and support instruments that, under the autonomy of each school, can be used and adapted to fit particular contexts.

To help the teachers using this framework, several initiatives have been put forward under the theme “Citizenship, Education and National Defense: A project by all to all” in which several protocols have been signed by the Portuguese Government at ministerial and secretary of state levels and several municipalities at Mayor level which, under the Portuguese education policies have specific responsibilities. These events have also been attended by the school representatives of the municipalities of Oporto, Vila Nova de Gaia, Matosinhos, Maia, Baião Lisbon, Sintra, Cascais, Amadora e Oeiras.

The Education Ministry’s Direção-geral da Educação as also accredited a course IDN has developed and implemented aiming at providing the teachers with extra knolage and tools to overcome the challenge of teaching these subjects for the first time.

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