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Training Action for Basic and Secondary School Teachers
Education for Citizenship (Area Code – D 13) – Basic and Secondary School Teachers (Code 14)
Accreditation Registration: CCPFC/ACC-66843/11
Continuous Training: Training Course
One Credit: 25 Hours


  • Raise awareness among the teachers for the security and defense issues in the context of an active citizenship;
  • Equip the basic and secondary school teachers with a conceptual view about security and citizenship and the close relationship between these two concepts;
  • Explain the risks and threats to the globalized societies;
  • Characterize and describe the values of security;
  • Relate the practices of citizenship and security;
  • Expose the role of the military and security forces, in particular of the Armed and Security Portuguese Forces, in the context of the relationship between citizenship and security;
  • Present the methodologies for an education in security and defense.

Contents of the Training Action:

  • Conceptual perspective: the concepts of citizenship and security; the complementary concepts of security: defense, risk and threat; the fundamental concept of policy; citizenship and security; a historical perspective;
  • Globalization: risks and threats;
  • The values of security: the universal rights declarations and the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic; the security in the material dimensions (territorial and personal integrity) and immaterial (culture and values) of society;
  • The security instruments: the citizen, the Law, values and ethics; the use of force;
  • The armed forces and security forces in the context of the relationship between citizenship and security.


For the frequency of the 5th CCS is due a single fee in the amount of 50.00 Euros.

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