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The Cyber Security and Crisis Management in Cyberspace Course (CGCiber) aims to contribute to the awareness and training of middle and senior cadre in the higher structures of the state and of the civil society, as well as of elements with potential for future performance of relevant functions, enabling them to intervene in issues related to crises in cyberspace.


  • Raise the awareness among auditors for the risks and threats that the cyberspace poses to security and national defense;
  • Promote the sharing of knowledge on the management of crises in cyberspace in order to enable a qualified participation in support of the decision-making processes;
  • Develop analytical capabilities that enhance, through the awareness to new concepts and methodologies, the adoption and development of more effective organizational strategies in the fight against the cyber threats;
  • Promote the training for a strategic culture of cyber security and cyber defense, in order to maximize the development of scientific and/or professional skills;
  • To promote the study and scientific research in the fields of security and defense of the Cyberspace, as well as in related areas.
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