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COURSE ON ANALYSIS OF REGIONAL DYNAMICS OF SECURITY AND DEFENCE, has the nature of a course of advanced studies, and aims to provide:

  • Information, a reflection and debate space on the issues of security and defense in the regional and international domains;
  • The exchange of ideas which arises from the diversity of academic and professional experience of the participants.

The lectures and discussions associated with them, which are part of the COURSE ON ANALYSIS OF REGIONAL DYNAMICS OF SECURITY AND DEFENSE, address the following general analytic vectors:

  • Identities, interests and policies: analysis of the most significant political, economic, cultural and religious regional trends.
  • Emerging challenges in terms of security: analysis of the main sources of political and social instability in each region.
  • Regional Conflicts: identification and analysis of the origins, nature and enhancing factors for the main conflicts in each region.
  • Economic factors: analysis of the main shaping economic conditions for the stability and instability of each region.

In the specific plan are covered:

  • The conflicts of ethnic, tribal, religious nature;
  • The competition for natural resources;
  • The border disputes;
  • The proliferation of small and NBCR weapons;
  • The environmental risks;
  • The role and the activities of regional and global institutions in the security field.


  • Promote the in-depth knowledge of the current dynamics of security and defense in the various regions of the planet;
  • Develop analytical and critical skills;
  • Enhance the study in the fields of security and defense in terms of regional dynamics.


  • Staff of the Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Internal Affairs;
  • Elements from the diplomatic career;
  • Officers of the Armed Forces and from the Security Forces and Services;
  • College and high school teachers;
  • Journalists who are dedicated, within their job, to security and defense issues;
  • College students in the fields of Political Science and International Relations holding at least a BA degree.
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