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The Defense Course for Young (CDJ) aims to promote awareness, appreciation and clarification among young people who constitute the universe of potential leaders or senior managers of state structures and civil society, through study, reflection and debate on the major national and international issues affecting the fields of security and defense.


  • To provide to young auditors the base knowledge on the main issues related to security and defense, national and international;
  • To promote the development of a strategic culture of security and defense in the young auditors;
  • To deepen the awareness of young auditors for the security and defense issues;
  • To provide for mutual contact and the exchange of ideas among young auditors of academic experiences and diverse professional backgrounds.


The CDJ is primarily destined for young Portuguese citizens and also candidates from the countries of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP). Exceptionally, the applications may be admitted from other countries, if it is clear there is added value to the other participants according to of the aim and objectives of the course.


To attend the XV CDJ is due a single fee in the amount of 50.00 Euros for the young admitted individual auditors.

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