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The use of information technology in support or to complement the activities of the education systems, has two advantages. On one hand, enables the maximization of the available resources, helped by imports of training modules resulting from partnerships. On the other, provides access to information regardless of time or query location.

With that purpose IDN established a protocol with the "Partnership for Peace Consortium Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Working Group" that provides its "Learning Management System (LMS)" to the military, other professionals, affiliated organizations and the general public. In it you can find several training modules related to Strategic Studies, International Relations, Public International Law, among others.

Taking into account the mission and tasks assigned to the IDN, the following training modules are available:

  • Introduction to NATO
  • Common Security and Defense Policy

Introduction to NATO
The purpose of this module is to provide information related to the NATO structures, their functioning and ongoing operations, also allowing for addressing the challenges currently facing the Atlantic Alliance.
This module contents are the NATO Defense College's responsibility.

Common Security and Defense Policy
The purpose of this module is to provide information about the most significant aspects of the ESDP, from its historical development to the involvement of different structures and bodies of the European Union in the second pillar, and evolution prospects.
The content of this module is developed in partnership by the "Geneva Centre for Security Policy" and the "International Relations and Security Network (IRSU)"

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System requirements for access to the training modules

Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape or equivalent Internet browser
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Video player and audio for Real Player format

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