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The Post-Graduation in "Security and Strategic Studies" 2015-2016 results from a collaboration protocol between University Nova of Lisbon / Faculty of Human and Social Sciences (UNL/FCSH) and the National Defense Institute. It has the duration of two semesters, and the enrollment is accepted in individual modules or sets of modules.

The successful completion of the course (with a total of 60 ECTS) awards a Post-Graduate degree in Security and Strategic Studies. Students who complete the PGEES 2015-2016 and wish to pursue their studies at the level of 2nd cycle in Political Science and International Relations at the UNL/FCSH (Master’s Degree) are ensured accreditation to the curricular part (1st year).

This course is directed to candidates with a potential to perform management or advisory functions in State public structures, corporate or private agencies, and within the framework of civil society, as well as governmental, non-governmental, intergovernmental and international organizations.

The Post-Graduation aims to promote the scientific knowledge and to provide analytical tools and methodologies required to assess, manage and take decisions when dealing with challenges imposed by the new framework of international security and defense, by international cooperation and globalization, and within the geopolitical and geostrategic context that shape world power relations, where the strategic decision-making process and the national security and defense framework must be addressed.

The Post-Graduation will also develop the establishment of  links with national and foreign entities, namely other educational institutions and think-tanks oriented to the subject matters under study.

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