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The Civil Crisis Management Course (CGCC) aims to contribute to the awareness and training of middle and senior cadre in the higher structures of the state and of the civil society, as well as of elements with potential for future performance of relevant functions, enabling them to intervene on issues related to crises in multilateral environments.

The CGCC goes from an integrated and comprehensive approach that frames the complex issues of crisis management, including the characterization of conflicts, the tools and capabilities needed in crisis management, passing through the decision-making and planning processes, particularly with regard to large international organizations and to other actors with an important role in crisis situations.

The CGCC is developed in three modules, each with a duration of five mornings (or afternoons).


  • Promote the knowledge and informed reflection on civil crisis management within security and defense;
  • Raise awareness among the auditors for the broad concept of security which, in the current external environment, continuing to integrate the traditional goals of the State, the defense of the territory and sovereignty, provides an overview on the evolution of international insecurity outbreaks and on the crises resulting from them, gearing up for its prevention and limitation;
  • Promote the knowledge for the performance of future positions of responsibility in the planning and conduct of actions related to civil crisis management, within the European Union, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the United Nations;
  • Develop analytical and critical skills that foster:
    • The active participation in the production of security, through the involvement of citizens;
    • The development of scientific and/or professional skills;
  • Provide mutual contact between auditors with diverse academic backgrounds, experience and professional areas, in areas of interest to the civil crisis management.
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