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The CSDJ aims to contribute to the awareness and training of staff and future cadres linked to journalism and communication, with a view to deepening their culture of security and defense.

The CSDJ starts from an integrated and global approach that fits the complex problem of modern conflicts, from a general perspective of security and defense, to the current issues of politics and national defense, the articulations of cooperative security and the role of the media in an environment of armed conflict.


- Promote knowledge and informed reflection on security and defense issues;
- Sensitize the auditors for the broad concept of security;
- Promote knowledge, deepen the critical capacity and develop a culture of security and defense, as bases for the performance of future functions of responsibility in a perspective of public communication;
- Provide direct contact with the reality of national security and defense structures.


Trainees, holders of training and / or professional experience in the field of social communication, public communication, communication sciences and journalism.

National citizens and citizens from other countries with an academic or professional connection to public communication can apply to the CSDJ and whose professional curriculum provides sufficient qualifications for their attendance.


For the frequency of the XIII CSDJ 2019 is due the payment of a single fee in the amount of 100.00 Euros by the individual auditors admitted.

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