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N.º 149 - 2018

Europe and Refugees


Vítor Rodrigues Viana

One Hundred Years of Refugees in Europe: History’s Encounter with the Present
Alice Cunha and Yvette Santos Resumo/Abstract

Facing an “Invasion of Undesirables”: The Worsening of the Restrictions on Entering Portugal – From the Annexation of Austria until the End of Legal Emigration from Nazi Germany
Ansgar Schaefer Resumo/Abstract

The Importance of Humanitarian Aid During the Second World War: The Case of the Joint Relief Commission of the International Red Cross in France (1940-1945)
Luiza Iordache Cârstea Resumo/Abstract

Dear Matilde: Letters from the Refugee Camps
Sofía Rodríguez Serrador Resumo/Abstract

Geopolitical and Strategic Causes and Implications of the Syrian Civil War and the Refugee Crisis
Andrzej Podraza Resumo/Abstract

Facilitators’ Package: Discretion in a Time of Challenge
Lucia Della Torre Resumo/Abstract

Differences in Labour Market Integration of Refugees in European Countries
Asya Pisarevskaya Resumo/Abstract

The Syrian Refugee Crisis: Resettlement and Other Complementary Pathways of Admission to Third Countries as Part of the Response
Periklis Kortsaris Resumo/Abstract

Extra Dossiê

Porque Não Devem os Militares Ser Polícias, em Democracia
Jorge Silva Paulo Resumo/Abstract

Sobre a Guerra Insurrecional: A Propósito de um Opúsculo de Bruno Cardoso Reis
António Horta Fernandes Resumo/Abstract

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