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Seminar | Turkey and Euro-Atlantic Security in 2030

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​​​​In the geopolitical environment of the first decades of the 21st century, marked by major transformations and a growing rivalry between the great world powers, the Euro-Atlantic security system is exposed to new tensions and needs for adjustment.

In a substantially different world from the late 1940s, when the Euro-Atlantic security system (Atlantic Alliance - NATO) was originally conceived, Turkey is retaking a leading role on the southeastern flank.

In recent years, however, there has been a growing demand for strategic autonomy, generating some discord with the other members of the organization. From a benevolent policy of “Zero Problems with the Neighbors”, in the 2010s, it has, over the last decade, moved to an interventionist political-military attitude in conflicts in its geopolitical area of ​​interest.

In addition to the old tensions with Greece and Cyprus, both Member States of the European Union, and the most recent interventions (direct or proxy) in the conflicts Syria, Libya and Azerbaijan, Turkey also created uncomfortable proximity (for NATO and EU) with Russia.

What impact do all these substantial changes have — and could they have in the future — on Euro-Atlantic security in a time horizon up to 2030?

To analyze and debate this important topic, we will have with us Professor Isabel David / ISCSP, Doctor Ricardo Borges de Castro (European Policy Center - Brussels), PhD Ivo Sobral (Military College Abu Dhabi) and Lieutenant Colonel Jorge Rodrigues (IDN).

The moderator will be PhD Teixeira Fernandes (IDN and IPRI/UNL).​