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IDN Youth Seminar

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​​​​​​​​​​Security and defence are intrinsically linked to the values ​​of freedom and well-being. The preservation of these values, inseparable from the way of life of democratic societies, must find in young people their future guarantee and their main asset.

Universities, as institutions that promote the creation and transmission of knowledge, concepts and practices of citizenship to future leaders, in the most diverse areas of activity in Portugal, count on the National Defence Institute (IDN) as an active partner for the achievement of this objective. .

As part of raising awareness among the university community, IDN has been conducting since 2016 the so-called "IDN Youth Seminars", aimed at undergraduate, master and doctoral students, constituting a space for reflection and debate on topics related to Security and Defence.

The IDN Youth Seminar is a joint organization of the National Defence Institute with Universities across the country and the Political Science and International Relations Students Centers of Portuguese Higher Education Institutions.

This initiative challenges young students of higher education to participate through the Call for Papers system related to the theme of Security and Defence, offering them the possibility to present their work in public and, later, to be published in specific editions of “IDN Cadernos”.

​​​ Provide higher education students with the possibility to present their work in a public seminar, defend their points of view and be able to publish in an IDN magazine.

• Preserve and instill in young people the values of freedom and well-being that are inseparable from the way of life in democratic societies.

• Transmission of citizenship concepts and practices to future leaders in the country's most diverse areas of activity, namely in aspects related to security and defence.​

​The papers will be appreciated by a selection jury, to choose the works to be presented at the IDN Young Seminar and, later, after a new selection of the works proposed by the editorial services of the IDN, integrated into a publication called IDN Cadernos.

In each edition of this initiative, a university institution is chosen that hosts the event in close collaboration with the IDN.

Undergraduate, Master's, Doctoral or Postgraduate students, individually or in groups (no more than five elements).​​

Works by undergraduate, masters, doctoral or postgraduate students, whose papers presented must comply with the following rules:

• Full identification of the author(s) with full name, University Institution, Course(s) and year(s) attended;

• Have between 30,000 and 50,000 characters (spaces not included) and be sent in Word and PDF format;

• Be accompanied by an abstract in Portuguese and an abstract in English (up to 1,000 characters each, spaces included);

Be drafted following the Harvard bibliographic reference system, available for consultation at​

Students submit papers for competition within the deadlines and conditions established in the Call for Papers for each edition of the IDN Youth Seminar.​​

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