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​The Research area aims to contribute to the production of knowledge in the fields of global security, the analysis of threats and challenges, crisis management and conflict, public policies framed by defense and security, both at the national and in the national level and its international environment and the initiatives that contribute to the development of cooperation strategies in the field of security and defense.

In order to develop and consolidate knowledge and debate, IDN promotes research activity oriented to:

• Analysis of major issues in the field of foreign policy, security and national and international defense at the conceptual, theoretical and applied levels;

• Development of research projects and promotion of studies to support decision making;

• Increase in training, dissemination and public and specialized debate actions, namely through the organization of round tables, workshops, seminars and national and international conferences;

• Promotion of scientific production through the preparation of articles, working papers, policy papers and books;

• Development of partnerships with national and foreign institutions and similar bodies.

The investigation is structured in the Center for Studies and Research (CEI) directed by Isabel Ferreira Nunes.

The research area has the collaboration of researchers and study advisers.