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Advanced Geopolitics Studies Course

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​​​​​​​Geopolitics - a scientific discipline with little more than a century, assumed primarily as the Spatial Dimension of Politics - is a vital instrument for understanding and explaining the complex reality that surrounds us.

The Course in Advanced Geopolitics Studies, launched as a partnership between the National Defence Institute (IDN) and Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa (UAL), aims precisely at a deeper understanding of the behaviours and interactions of Communities, States and Regions far beyond the "foam of the days".

In it are combined, "quantum satis", the physical, human and economic Geographies, with the "laws" of Geopolitics - in its various perspectives - as well as History, Culture, Strategy, Political Science or International Relations, all under the serene, omnipresent and never neutral gaze of the geographical stage where people's lives unfold.​​

  • ​Provide information and reflection on the conceptual, theoretical and methodological framework of Geopolitics, from classical thinking to new approaches, and also including cartographic representation or the construction of scenarios and prospective;

  • Promote in-depth analysis of current geopolitical dynamics and interactions, namely in the global space and in some regional regions (North, Central and South America, Middle East and North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia-Pacific, Post-Soviet Space, Europe, Portugal);

  • Develop an attitude of critical reflection on central and diverse contemporary themes from a geopolitical perspective (Demography and Migration, Environment and Climate Change, Energy Resources, New Chinese Silk Road, Nuclear Proliferation and Counter-Proliferation, in the case of Syria).

Geopolitical Theory – IDN

  • Fundamentals of Geopolitical Consciousness; Geography and Power. Peoples, Civilizations and Religions;

  • Geopolitics and Geostrategy; Position, Space, Resources, Climate and Demographics

  • Space, society and representation: territories and maps;

  • The central theoretical currents of classical geopolitics;

  • The new approaches in geopolitics. / Methods of analysis in geopolitics;

  • World geopolitics today;

  • Scenario building and foresight.

Applied Geopolitics - UAL

  • Demographics and Migrations;

  • Environment and Climate Change;

  • Energy Resources.

Geopolitics of Regional Areas – IDN

  • North America;

  • Arctic;

  • Sub-Saharan Africa;

  • Central and South America;

  • The Middle East and North Africa;

  • Mediterranean;

  • Asia-Pacific;

  • Post-Soviet Space;

  • Europe;

  • Portugal.

Applied Geopolitics - UAL​

  • Persian Gulf Straits;

  • Proliferation and against nuclear proliferation;

  • New Chinese Silk Road


  • ​Students from the various cycles of Higher Education, namely in the areas of International Relations, Political Science, History, Sociology, Geography, Economics and Communication

  • Elements of the Armed Forces and Security Forces and Services

  • The staff of Public Administration, namely the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of National Defence, the Ministry of Internal Administration and the Ministry of Economy

  • Senior staff and technicians from City Councils and Companies oriented toward internationalization

  • Journalists.​


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