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Security and Defence Course for Journalists

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​​​​​​​The purpose of the Security and Defence Course for Journalists (SDCJ) is to contribute to the awareness and training of staff and future staff involved in communication, with a view to deepening their security and defence culture.

The SDCJ starts from an integrated and global approach that frames the complex problems of modern conflicts from a general perspective of security and defence, including current issues of national politics and defence, the articulations of cooperative security and the very role of the media in an armed conflict environment.


  • Promote knowledge and enlightened reflection on security and defence issues;
  • Sensitize auditors to the broad concept of security;
  • Promoting knowledge, deepening critical capacity and developing a culture of security and defence as a basis for the performance of future functions of responsibility in a public communication perspective;​
  • Provide direct contact with the reality of national security and defence structures.​

The CSDJ is organized into modules, covering the following areas:

  • General Framework for Security and Defense;
  • Common Security and Defense Policy of the European Union;
  • ​National Defense and Cooperative Security Policy;
  • Role of the Media in Armed Conflicts;
  • Analysis of Case Studies and Directed Discussions.

In addition to these modules, with the participation of renowned experts in conferences, panels and debates, the course includes the realization and presentation of practical work.

The CSDJ takes place in an online synchronous Distance Learning (EAD) environment, between Monday and Thursday on a part-time basis, in the late afternoon, for over a month. In the last week of the course, study visits to security and national defence institutions (in the Lisbon area) take place, so the program lasts throughout the day. The end of the course will take place on the last day of the study visits.

Participation is mandatory in all activities included in the course activities program.​


The recipients of the CSDJ can be trainees, holders of training and/or professional experience in the area of ​​social communication, public communication, communication sciences and journalism.

National citizens and citizens from other countries with an academic or professional link to public communication can apply to the CSDJ and whose professional curriculum guarantees sufficient qualification for their attendance.​


General Criteria

Candidates must satisfy at least one of the following criteria:

  • Being a trainee, holder of training and/or professional experience in the area of ​​social communication, public communication and journalism;

  • Performance of functions in the area of ​​public communication and for which the objectives of the course are considered of high interest can be regarded as sufficient for fulfilling the general requirements;

  • Professional experience and other curricular aspects that ensure the public dissemination of strategic security and defence culture;

  • Career development potential in the area of ​​communication with relevance to national security and defence;

  • Other candidates may be admitted whose professional profile guarantees sufficient qualifications to attend the course.​



Individual applications are formalized by completing the electronic form available on this website and submitting the following documents within the application period:

  • Curriculum synthesis / Curriculum Vitae must be in Portuguese (maximum 1 A4 page);
  • Copy of qualification certificate and/or copy of professional card;
  • A passport photo, current and in colour.

Individual applications are considered by a Selection Committee appointed by the IDN Director.

Candidates will be informed about their admission to the course by email.


The IDN annually invites entities representing civil society within public communication to appoint auditors to attend the CSDJ. The invited entity makes the appointment of the holder of the institutional vacancy until the date set by the Director of the IDN, by written notification accompanied by the documents referred to for individual applications.


In the nomination process of the institutional vacancy holder, the institution must ensure that the nominee fulfils the general admission requirements to attend the CSDJ.


It is up to the IDN to confirm that the holder of the institutional vacancy meets the general requirements for admission to the CSDJ frequency and decides to refuse attendance to those who do not fulfil them.


Institutional vacancies not filled due to extemporaneousness or because they do not meet the general admission requirements may be served by individual applications or be replaced by other institutional appointments at the discretion of the IDN Director.

Applications will not be accepted if:

  • They are not correctly instructed (ex: lack of documents or non-use of available digital forms);
  • They do not meet the formal admission criteria, as defined in this notice of application opening.

The presentation of any required documentation after the stipulated deadline also determines the non-acceptance of the application.​

All candidates will be informed about their admission to the course by email.​


​National Defense Institute
Planning Core

Calçada das Necessidades, nº 5 - 1399-017 Lisbon
Tel.: 211 544 746 / 211 548 244

Course coordinator:
Army Colonel Luís Filipe Marinho Pereira​


It took place in the years: 2007 to 2020 (fourteen editions).

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