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Education for Citizenship

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​In the foundation of the Convention establishing the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), concluded in London on November 16, 1945, it is stressed that 'as wars are born in the spirit of men, it is in the spirit of men that the defences of peace must be raised'. It is also stressed that 'the spread of culture and education of humanity for justice, freedom and peace are indispensable to human dignity'.

Nowadays, the development of the individual and his/her insertion in society takes place in an environment in rapid evolution and change, full of risks and threats, uncertain and unpredictable, with consequences often insufficiently perceived by humanity. Thus, at school and in the family, the balance and complementarity between the acquisition of knowledge, understanding of global and contextual realities, initiative and creativity will be determinant in the development of the person and society.

In this sense, the National Defence Institute, in collaboration with the Directorate General of Education, has carried out persistent and determined work in promoting the values associated with security and defence matters in the national education system, while at the same time promoting, transversally, in Pre-School Education and in Basic and Secondary Education, within the scope of Citizenship Education, a structured knowledge of National Defence, the Armed Forces and the Security Forces and Services, and their missions in favour of security and peace.

In this context, the 'Security, Defence and Peace Education benchmark​’ is a document of the education system whose contents represent a very important contribution to the consolidation of Peace and Security, a basic condition of a society that guarantees its freedom, well-being and development in multiple and complementary dimensions.

Its implementation is essential.