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The National Defence Institute (IDN) pursues the following duties:

  • Ensure support for the formulation and development of national strategic thinking in areas related to security and defence;
  • Encourage the elaboration and discussion of other aspects related to national strategic thinking, in synergy with the public and private bodies dedicated to the latter;
  • Ensure research, study and dissemination of security and defence issues;
  • Promote and strengthen civil-military relations and develop the staff of the Armed Forces, the Public Administration, and of the public, private and cooperative sectors, through the study, dissemination and debate of the major national and international themes of relevance to security and defence; 
  • Contribute to raising society's awareness of security and defence issues, in particular with regard to awareness of the fundamental values inherent therein;
  • Foster research in the fields of international relations and security and defence;
  • Cooperate with international peer bodies.  

Who We Are