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Reserve Cavalry Colonel, effective duty, since 31 December 2014 and Studies Advisor at the National Defence Institute, since 2014.

He holds certificates of career curricular courses, as well as of additional courses, including the Staff Course from the Higher Military Studies Institute, the Morocco Staff Course, the Multinational Crisis Management Course, the European Security and Defence Policy Level Course of the European Security and Defence College and a Law Degree from the Lisbon University School of Law.

Throughout his career, he served in several units, establishments and bodies of the Army, Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defence, having commanded the Estremoz Cavalry Regiment. Head of the International Relations Department of the Directorate-General of National Defence Policy.

He served abroad as Military Adviser to the Permanent Mission of Portugal to the United Nations from 1999 to 2002 and, from 2010 to 2014, he held the position of Defence Attaché to the Portuguese Embassy in Paris.

Army Colonel and advisor to the National Defence Institute. Holder of a degree in Military Science from the Military Academy, a Postgraduate degree in Military History from the Lusiada University and a Master's degree in Information and Documentation Sciences from the Lisbon Nova University.

He was a Commander of the Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment No. 1 and Manager of the Anti-Aircraft Artillery Group Re-Equipment Project.

He held the following positions at the Military Academy: Head of the Department of Military Sciences and Technology; Head of the Department of Post-Graduate Studies; Assistant Director of Studies; Commander of the 2nd Student Battalion; 2nd Commander of the Detachment of the Amadora Military Academy; Head of the Logistics Section; Commander of the Command and Services Company; Lecturer of Military Geography; Lecturer of Strategy and International Relations; Assistant Lecturer of Military History;  Assistant Lecturer of Economic and Social History; Director of the College Preparatory Course; member of the Military Academy Admissions Selection Panel.

He held the position of Vice-President of the General Assembly, Member of the Scientific Council and researcher at the Military Academy Research Centre.

He was the Director of the Historical-Military Archive.

He participated in two missions in Angola in the framework of Technical-Military Cooperation.

Head of the Multidisciplinary Team of IDN's Centre for Studies and Research, Director of the National Defence Course and Representative at the Executive Academic Board of the European Security and Defence College.

PhD in Political Science from the University of Twente and a Postdoc in International Relations from the University of Groningen. Researcher at the OBSERVARE Research Centre - UAL.

She was the Assistant Director of the National Defence Institute between 2006 and 2008 and Head of Division of the Research Department of this Institute between 1996 and 2006. She worked in the International Relations Department of the Directorate-General for National Defence Policy between 1991 and 1996. She joined the Ministry of National Defence in 1989 as an advisor to the Office of the Assistant Secretary of State for National Defence. She directs the journal “Nation & Defence" issued by the National Defence Institute and takes the role of external reviewer in the journals “Journal of Common Market Studies" and “International Relations".

Areas of expertise: International Relations and Security Studies (theories of international relations, European foreign security and defence policy and foreign policy of small states).

Studies Advisor to the National Defence Institute, Assistant Director of the National Defence Course and Director of the Cybersecurity and Crisis Management in Cyberspace Course.

Master in Business Administration (MBA) with specialisation in Information Management (UCP, 1997); Degree in Military Sciences - Artillery Branch (Military Academy, 1984) and Decision-Making Systems Engineering (COCITE, 1999); Post-Graduation Degree in Operational Research and Systems Analysis (USA, 1990).

With over 40 years of military career, he carried out duties in several units of the Portuguese Army and NATO, namely: Chief of Staff (JALLC/NATO, 2009 - 2013); Head of Operations Division (JALLC/NATO, 2007 -2009); Director of the Army Computer Centre (CIE, 2006 -2007); Assistant Director (CIE, 2004 - 2006); Head of the Projects Office (CIE, 2002 - 2004); Head of the Information Systems Office (EME, 1999-2002); Systems Administrator (CINCSOUTHLANT, 1994 - 1999); Operations Officer (GAC/BMI, 1993-1994); Planning Staff Officer (EME, 1990-1993) and Battery Commander (RAC, 1984-1990).

He has been a lecturer at several universities and polytechnics for over 20 years, in the fields of Information Technologies and Information Security, Operational Research and Statistics.

Areas of expertise: Information Management, Information Security and Information and Communication Technologies.

Infantry Colonel, Advisor to the National Defence Institute.

He served in the Infantry Training School in Mafra as an instructor, staff officer and commander at several levels and also as head of the Army Trainers Pedagogical Training area. He participated in missions in Bosnia and Herzegovina as EU Monitor (ECMM), in Angola as military advisor to the Angolan Armed Forces (FAA) within the TMC programme, in East Timor as 2nd Commander of an FND (National Deployed Force) within the UN and in Afghanistan as a NATO deployed element and Military Advisor within an FND. Member of NATO's Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre (JALLC); JALLC representative for the implementation and development of ISAF/Afghanistan Lessons Learned system; Team Leader for the establishment and operation of a Kandak-level (Battalion) Lessons Learned system in the Afghan National Army (ANA). As Head of the Army's Lessons Learned Office (RepLA), he implemented and developed the Lessons Learned capacity within the Portuguese Army.

He is responsible, at IDN, for the Civil Crisis Management Course, IDN Youth Seminars and IDN's representation in the Ibero-American Defence College and the 5+5 Defence College.

Army Reserve Lieutenant Colonel. Head of the Oporto delegation of the National Defence Institute and Assistant Director of the National Defence Course.

He holds a degree in Socio-Military Sciences from the Military Academy, as well as several course certificates, including Promotion to Senior Officer, Special Operations, Military Parachuting and Human Intelligence.

At civil level, he holds a Master's degree in International Relations from the Portucalense University and a Management degree from the Oporto Business School.

He held command and staff positions at the Special Operations Training Centre, Personnel Command, NMR/HQ and the Cabinet of the Army Chief of Staff.

He led the Portuguese participation in several international forces, including ACE Mobile Force and NATO Response Force.

He is a founding member of CEISTAD and of the Arts and Literature Centre / PDAHPE.

He published several works, chapters and articles in the International Relations field, with emphasis on the following: “Turkey: Country Bridge Between Two Worlds" (edited by Prefácio) and “Afghanistan" (edited by Casa da Moeda).

He is a Logistic Senior Partner at “JPLogistik" and Operations Director at “Latitude Zero –  LZEC".

He has worked at the National Defence Institute since September 2018.


Portuguese Navy Captain and advisor to the National Defence Institute, Director of the Defence Course for Young People and member of the working team in the field of Security, Defence and Peace Education Benchmark.

He holds a degree in Social and Military Sciences, Naval Branch, from the Naval School (1985), and concluded the following additional courses: Specialization Course in Underwater Navigation (1987); Specialization Course in Underwater Weapons (1992); IDSTP in Groton, USA (1995); General Naval Warfare Course in 1996; General Officer Promotion Course at IESM (2013). He concluded the operational stage of his career after working with crews of the war ships “Honório Barreto” and “Magalhães Corrêa” and 3 Albacore submarines, as head of on-board technical services. He was Executive Officer (XO) of the “Barracuda” and “Albacora”, from 1993 to 1996 and Commanding Officer (CO) of the submarine “Delfim” and later the “Albacora”, from 1996 to 2000.

He served subsequently in the following commissioned services: DIPLAEM at EMGFA (Sep00-Mar03); at DSP RSP (Mar03-Jan05); Protocol section and GLAM at EMA DIV2 (Jan05-Sep07); Head of GLADM at DIMIL/ CISMIL at EMGFA (Sep07-Jul11); Head of RMC at DSP in the Navy (Jul11-Oct12); Head of GAQ at IESM/ IUM (Sep13-Jul17) and Technical Director of Defence Cooperation Project 2 with the Republic of Cape Verde (Jul17-Jul19).


Portuguese Army Artillery Colonel and studies advisor to the National Defence Institute (IDN). He is the IDN/Porto Delegation´s Chief, and Deputy Director of the National Defence Course. He is also Co-coordinator for the Implementation of the Security, Defence and Peace Benchmark. 

Holder of a degree in Military Sciences - Artillery Branch (Military Academy, 1989), and of certificates of career curricular courses.

Other courses concluded in Portugal: 14th Course of African Studies 2019 (Military University Institute - IUM/2019) and 7th Course of Cybersecurity and Crisis Management in Cyberspace (National Defence Institute - IDN/2020). Courses concluded abroad: Advanced Course in Logistics - Transportation (“CLOAC Transportation”) USA. (1998); “NATO Balkans Intel Course” - AIRNORTH (Ramstein) Germany (2002); Interim Geo-Spatial Intelligence Tool (“iGeo Sit Course”, by NC3A in HQ/KFOR Kosovo (2008).