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The National Defence Institute has a non-remunerated curricular and extra-curricular internship programme. The internships last three months (extra-curricular) or six months (curricular). Candidates to the internship must formulate their requests through the institutional bodies of the respective academic entities with which IDN signs cooperation protocols. The internships are supervised by an internship advisor from the National Defence Institute and by a counterpart from the Higher Education Institution from which the trainee comes.
The internship work to be undertaken will be integrated in the areas of intervention of the National Defence Institute, according to the internship plan, defined on a case-by-case basis. The areas of intervention are: training, research, dissemination and awareness raising, planning and organisation, communication and public relations, and publishing.


Contact for information:

Army Colonel Carlos Coutinho Rodrigues
Tel..: + 351 211 544 727​